Bergschenhoek Water Technology B.V. has been producer of ROwa (water-) storage tanks since 1985. The modular plate system is sold worldwide. The modular elements make the tank cheap to transport and easy to assemble without construction cranes or other equipment.

The ROwa (water-) tanks of Bergschenhoek Water Technology B.V. have a wide variety of heights (up to 6 meter) and diameters (from 2 to 30 meters). Naturally, the (water-) storage tanks are combined with a full range of tank liners and tank covers to complete the liquid storage system.

A professional dealer network has been built up since 1985. The dealers are supported with product training and knowledge and experiences are shared. The dealers are active in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our strategy is to strengthen and expand relationships with dealers and customers. Bergschenhoek Water Technology B.V. is always looking for potential partners.