CE-markering and DoP

CE stands for ‘Conformité Européenne’ and means that the product complies with European regulations.

Based on NEN-EN 1090-1, manufacturers must set up, document and maintain a factory process control system (FPC system). The technical requirements for steel builders are described in part 2 (NEN-EN 1090-2). The FPC system is then tested by an inspection body or in English a ‘Notified Body’ (NoBo). If this assessment has been successfully completed, the manufacturer may draw up a declaration of performance ‘Declaration of Performance’ or DoP, in which the manufacturer declares himself responsible for the performance declared by him and to issue a CE marking for products supplied, such as water storages tanks.

The CE marking can be seen as a kind of passport for the ROwa water storage tanks and has been legally required since 1 July 2014.

Bergschenhoek Water Technology B.V.has gone through all the above steps and is Bureau Veritas certified. The certificate of conformity of the production control and the Declaration of Performance (DoP) for corrugated steel Rowa storage tanks can be downloaded via the links below.